The heart of downtown Toronto is on the verge of realizing massive transformation in its skyline. If you have been following the real estate trends in this part of the country, you should be expecting to see new housing facilities coming up. One major development that caught headlights and ignited lots of interests from potential homeowners and investors is YSL condos created by Cresford Developments. The main attraction besides the design and floor plans is location.

YSL Condos – What makes them attractive?

Tall condo building

Cresford Development Company has a reputation of building properties in premium locations. This is one of the main reason behind its success in Canadian real estate. Some of its previous projects that have created a mark in real estate include the glamorous Yorkville and the Bay Yonge corridor. All these locations are highly regarded thanks to their excellent walk and transit scores.

Their premium locations are one among many strengths associated with these properties. The design and floor plans of various amenities have attracted market leaders in the cosmetic industry, restaurants, and high fashion labels. In a way, these properties have consistently surprised many by surpassing investor expectations.

Marketing expertise is one of the main strengths demonstrated by Cresford Development. Since they have been this industry for quite some time, it gives them an edge over other developers considering that they have a clear picture of what their markets wants. As a result, they can come up with exactly what their target market is looking for. This includes the clear and professional floor plans along with near-perfect interior designs.

Reasons to buy YSL condominiums

building with balconies There are many reasons to get yourself at a unit at YSL condos. First, this facility has a 100/100 walk sore, meaning that virtually everything is accessible to its residents. Secondly, if you intend to buy a unit for investment reasons, this condominium is located to iconic universities and a vast working population within a radius of 1KM, which makes it rentable. Finally, it is accessible considering that both the College and Dundas Subway Station are a five-minute walk away.

YSL Condos – Coming soon

In case you are considering buying a unit, you should start making arrangements early enough. The Cresford brand is known to deliver quality. Thus, expect competitive rates especially when the construction phase is complete. To be on the safe side, book early considering that these developers keep potential investors on everything and provide them with constant quality assurances.